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San Mateo Convalescent is proud to offer students the opportunity to grasp insight into the meaning of our motto, "Love Is Ageless," while working towards their Certification.

Our Teaching Center at SMCH is a pathway for training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). It is a means of turning passions into careers, and adding relevance to learning in a setting where efforts are valued.

As a site for the Regional Occupational Program (ROP) we are able to offer students a place to learn and practice basic patient care skills all year round. We share our sense of community with the students, and they share their enthusiasm for learning and living with residents and staff alike.

Students learn basic patient care techniques, including taking temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure readings; safe feeding technique; measuring food and liquid intake; bathing; making beds; patient transfers; proper body mechanics and hospital safety issues. They learn the day-to-day hands-on skills that will provide them with the building blocks of their certification.

Our teaching center benefits our residents by providing increased one-on-one, high touch care. Studies have proven time and again that people are happier and healthier with more physical contact, and our CNA training program helps provide that extra attention.

To participate in our clinical internship, students must be in good health, have criminal background and fingerprint clearance, and meet State Department of Health and class requirements.

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